Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rio Pacuare

There are times when plans seem to simply fall into your open hands.
Thankfully I timed my return to Turrialba perfectly to sneak on to a 2day trip on the Pacuare River, not that you need two days. This meant that I got to camp out mid river in the Rainforest World Campsite, and get fed copious amounts of food.

The river itself was beautiful, now I understand way every paddler I had met from Costa Rica had told me to make sure I got down the Pacuare. Possibly the greenest valley I have ever been in, fauna of every shade of green in the spectrum. The river itself was beautiful as well, carving its way through the valley with of 28 rapids in 26km of water. grade 3-4 rapids that kept popping up everywhere.

Definetely the highlight of my trip thus far, what the next few days deal up I don't know. What California has to offer again unknown. So right now Im just happy, content with being a travelling kayaker, who will probably run out of money one of these days. The importance of money bears little significance to the outcome of my trip now. If I eat plain rice and drink only water what does it matter, i've been lucky to experience pieces of Costa Rica that not all the swarms of Tourists get to see.

Yet still there is 6 whole days in Costa Rica & 13 or 14 in the USA.

Still adventuring...

photos to come....


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