Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Bliss-Fest was held successfully over the weekend despite some miserable weather for the surf competition on the Sunday.

I'll get around to writing something longer next week, but for now I'm in Melbourne promoting the magazine.

So until then check out this link to a video from TV3 news on Monday night.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

CUMEC Magazine Issue 3

Now that all the fireworks and smoke are clearing I can finally let everybody see the cover of CUMEC Magazine Issue 3.


None other than Mr Eden Sinclair and Senor Jonathan Ramsey on the 'Home Run' in Norway.

Photo Credits go out to Sam 'Pacman' Hughes

Other than that, go out and get yourself a copy... at kayak and bookstores all over NZ by the middle of next week.



Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Feed The Rat - You know you want to!

Just came accross this clip from the boys at Feed The Rat over in Melbourne, really makes you want to get out there and do something... damn southerlies.....

Monday, September 03, 2007

Big Thursday - The Nevis River

So here's a rough cut of footage from last years trip on the Nevis River. Not much editing done here just some good quality paddling.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

playing with photoshop..

Been playing with layers in photoshop, good fun :D

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Job - paid to ski....

After a few weeks of being "between jobs" I've found a job working for Alpine Expeditions driving shuttles from Christchurch to Mt Hutt, so basically I wake up, drive to the mountain, go skiing, drive home, and then get paid. Pretty sweet really. Will also be doing some shop work at McEwings Ski & Snowboard Hire on Yaldhurst Road.

Other than that I've been wrapped up warm in my office doing tax & gst returns for the business, also have a few more ideas in the melting pot. Stay tuned for updates.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A soiree at the castle in honour of the queen...

Queen's birthday, a time to celebrate our continued governance by her royal highness. We all thought it would be quite fitting to head to the castle to celebrate her June birthday.

Castle Hill I mean,

Winter had arrived and as per usual an early June southerly starting blowing into Christchurch early on Saturday afternoon. We had arranged accomadation in Castle Hill village courtesy of the St Andrew's College Outdoor Instructors Staff House. Kim, Lindsay & Lucien headed out into the hills early in the day to ride the Craigieburn mountain bike track, while Megan and I waited in Christchurch for the day. (Watching/playing netball).

At 5pm I had arranged to pick up my nice new 'Wear on Earth' down jacket from Blair Jacobs, I am now the only stylish person in the known world to be rocking a 'Wasabi Green' two layer gore tex down jacket. Let it be known that I stand out in a crowd!

After parting with cash in exchange for warmth, Megan & I headed out to the village. Upon arrival we had a huge feed of Nachos courtesy of Lucien & his assistants. Dinner was washed down with various wines & some very amusing games of girls vs guys pictionary.

So sunday morning, the rain had stopped, the sun had risen and we eventually made it to Spittle Hill. With two castle hill newbies (Lucien & Kim), there was a quick introduction to smearing & slopers. Lindsay was quick into action working the V4 Torpedo in the first 30minutes, before finally sticking the top hold.

Megan once again returned to the self-titled 'Megan's Problem' which she managed after a couple of attempts this time around. 'Megan's Problem' soon became 'Kim's Nightmare' as she tried at least 20 times to tame the beast within....

Lucien & I soon discovered an interesting problem adjacent to 'Megan's Problem'
- A combination of tiny feet with one solid arete and a miniscule crimper - then throw high to a solid sloper, hope you feet don't pop and yell/grunt.
After an hour or so I finally stuck the top hold & felt satisfied having solved an interesting problem.

The rest of the afternoon passed & the sun faded beyond the hills, temperatures rapidly dropped and we all retreated back to the village, happy with the thought of a warm fire & some dinner.

Monday morning saw the first solid frost that I've seen all year, a hearty bowl of not quite original porridge & a couple of coffees saw us packed and heading back to the hill.

Our mission at the start of the day was to find a boulder and not leave until we had climbed to the top using 5 different routes. After about 4 successful missions on various boulders it was lunchtime, right beside the 'Lung Dyno' Lindsay & I both had played around on this before we were both keen to see if we could actually top out...

While Lucien, Lindsay & I played around with the grunty throw & hold on to nothing problem the girls headed off to find some nice technical slab climbs.

The Queen's party started to die down so we all slowly made our way back to Christchurch, a great weekend & definetely an escape we shall have to do again soon. (Considering Castle Hill is only an hour away).


Whoops - I missed out May!

May : The month that comes between April & June, it appears that the whole month dropped off my rader & that I didn't do anything interesting at all. Well that's probably true, I'm sure that no one really cares what I've been doing! It is just a simple way of making myself feel good about myself... possibly an outward expression of my thoughts & 'doings' that makes everything in some strange way seem worthwhile.

So on that note I am happy to say the May was not a wash-out, I actually think that it may have been one of my busier months this year:

- A trip to Dunedin
- Lots of climbing (beginning to get the inspiration to climb back, possibly due to poor surf conditions & low rivers....)
- Back into instruction....
- A fresh new qual - Wilderness Pre Hospital First Aid.
- The magazine has been sent all over the place, and subscriptions are coming in from all over the place.
- I paddled the Rangitata Gorge again, it'd been a few years...
- I finished working at Kayak Unlimited and starting looking for winter work... although the looking has been delayed several times by instruction & first aid courses.
- We had a pirate party, we all dressed up like pirates & had a great shin-dig. With famous appearances from Danger Dan, Wild Weasel & Mongrel Mark from ye old port of Timaru.
- Some night climbing at Albert Terrace (darkness makes it a little harder & a lot more amusing.

Anyway I'll have a few posts online soon. As I try and catch up on what has been going on.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

An afternoon on the Toaroha

Two weekends ago I went over to Greymouth to visit Megan who's doing a physio placement at the Greymouth Hospital. While I was there we met up with Ben & Elise from Wavemonkey Australia.

Ben & Elise were in NZ for two weeks and were keen to check out some of the West coast creeks, unfortunately there had been no rain. We checked out the Styx which looked very low & opted to go for walk up it's neighbouring river the Toaroha. An hour and a quarter of boggy mud later we were at the put-in, low water meant that the rapids weren't technically difficult but a good time was had by all.

Check out the photos & video. All photos are courtesy of Ben & Elise www.wavemonkey.com.au

Meg's enjoying the pleasant walk.

Elise getting a taste of NZ's natural beauty.

Ahh the put in.






and a small video, I'm just getting used to the new video editing program on the MAC.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

River Festival & Slalom Photos

Here's a collection of photos from photochick.co.nz she keeps popping up at kayak events throughout the south island. Some quality shots which are all available free online via her website.

A few of her shots from Bullerfest 2007 made it into issue 2 of CUMEC magazine too.

Aaron Osborne from Rotorua, currently ranked #1 in the NZL slalom team.

Me, mid extreme race on the Citreon Rapid.

Me leading the peleton... well actually there was about 8 people infront.

Ngaio Hart

Stu Daniels playing during the mass start race.

Dylan Thomson in the head 2 head extreme race.

James Dawson on his way to winning the national C1 title.

Barney Young gets amongst like it a true west coaster.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

CUMEC Magazine Issue 2

After a few months of playing around in Indesign, emails back & forth from contributors & a few anxious nights Cumec Magazine Issue 2 is finally here.

Ready to make it's mark on the NZ & Australian kayaking communities, a real stand alone independent kayaking magazine for the general public, no shop or business affiliations just kayakers providing news & articles for kayakers. I'm stoked so hope everyone enjoys (despite the few grammatical errors!)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Teva River Festival 2007

The Teva River Festival was held of Easter Weekend in Central Otago, the event ran alongside the NZ Open Slalom Nationals. Mike Dawson from Tauranga dominated both events winning the extreme race, mass start down river race & Open Mens Slalom Championship.

A top weekend which consisted of the head 2 head extreme race on the Citreon Rapid - Grade 4, Grand Prix Slalom in plastic boats & a mass start down river race. I kept my performances equal and finished in the middle of each event. Knocked out in the top 16 for the extreme race, getting about 8th in the slalom & somewhere about 10th in the mass start.

Since I was too busy enjoying being on the river all the pictures are by Jono Conway & Megan Foster.

The Arnold River & Random Pic's

The Arnold River is a short drive from Greymouth, a small grade 2 river that is the local training grounds for Tai Poutini Polytech & Grey High School students. A regular flow and nice eddy lines make a fun little trip down the river.

Spent the afternoon in the sun with Megs & Viv Buxton who has just starting working at Grey Vet's. The first half of the run was pretty smooth with some nice little eddy lines, we spent about 20 minutes playing in the most pathetic hole I've ever stopped to park 'n' play in!

Further down the run there were a few nice catch on the fly waves & holes.

As with many rivers the Arnold is under threat from a dam proposal, submissions have closed and we await to see the outcome for a fantastic wee run that would be impossible to replace if lost.

Now to the random photos

Meg's showing off! Photo Antz Longman

A quick stop by Maruia Falls, we didn't feel like paddling.... Photo Antz Longman

Being crazy.... Photo Megs or Kim

The Arnold Put in, Viv's trusty brown wagon. Photo Antz Longman

Viv playing in our mini park 'n' play. Photo Antz Longman

More New Brighton Surfing

Megs cartwheeling in the whitewash. Photo Antz Longman

How's the serenity? Photo Antz Longman

They call him the Sandman... Photo Antz Longman

Megs Wavewheeling. Photo Antz Longman

A little bit of air... Photo Antz Longman

Maybe there are alternatives to kayaking? Kiteboarders dominating the foreshore... Photo Antz Longman

More Buller Fest Shots

Mikey Abbot being a show pony.... Photo Antz Longman

Sam Sutton working the airscrew. Photo Antz Longman

Louise Urwin drops in. Photo Antz Longman

Zak Shaw gets a little competitive in the slalom. Photo Antz Longman

Some people just 'flipped' out with the heat (sorry couldn't help the poor pun) Photo Antz Longman

Friday, March 16, 2007

Murchison with the Girls..

Megs & Kim had just finished their first 6 week posting for the Physio year & were keen to escape the city and go for a paddle.
Hoping that the rain that had hit the west coast had reached Murchison we hit the road.

Straight into the Lower Matakitaki, I quickly realised that it was lower than week before, we slowly negotiated our way through the first few sections. Near the end I managed to pin myself on an undercut rock. Still able to breath and knowing that as long as i didn't move I was alright I waited for Megs & Kim to get into a position of safety.

After about 5 minutes (no exaggeration) I was contemplating my options.

- push myself backwards and hope to flush off the other side of the rock, then tuck to my boat to avoid being pummeled by more rocks.
- pull deck and hope the changed water pressure would move the boat (or potenially pin me worse)
- reach over the rock and try and pull forward and through the small gap between the two rocks.
- use a throw bag to get a lateral pull from the girls on the bank.
- and i'm sure some other plans were thought of too.

I felt around and tried to push backwards to no avail, I then felt underneath the rocks I was pinned against & realised that their was a lot of water pushing through a small gap below me. A gap that I wouldn't go through very easily!
I found a new hand hold on one of the rocks and managed to pull myself higher out of the water, which gave me enough power to pull over the top of the rock. I stalled slightly as the boat tried to fall into a crack, but quickly came to rest in the water on the other side.

A decent little scare, and an interesting situation. All turned out alright but another reminder of how quickly things can change on the river.

We finished the run and headed down to check out ariki falls (again lower than i've seen it. Not keen to drop into the churning/surging hole at the bottom. Camp was at the Earthquake put-in, sandflys made the night miserable and got us out & on the river early the next morning.

A scratchy run killed our enthusiasm and we decided to head back to Christchurch. Mental note Murchison low can be a little bit annoying/boney.

Having trouble attaching photos right now, so no pretty pictures to look at :(

Greenstone Instructing

Straight after Bullerfest I headed south to Queenstown & then on to the tip of the Lake and the Greenstone River. I was there instructing for Wakitipu High School.

The river section we used under the bridge was grade 1, which proved an interesting location to introduce the kids to paddling as their were no eddys, or decent still sections. The 1st day was spent rotating groups of 3-4 kids through strokes and then negotiating the one small eddy we had available.

The following 24hours were a torrential downpour, the 1st rain Queenstown had seen in over a month, everything went from pristine green water to chocolate thickshake with logs. Luckily the bulk of the rain fell during the day that we were'nt kayaking.

Sarah-Jane & I snuck away and went to check out the Routeburn in flood. The route burn normally being a class 4 boulder drop creek was instead a mass of crashing waves/holes. Bearing a higher resemblance to a big water run on the Kawarau. We headed back to camp where Ken McIntyre & I jumped on the swollen Greenstone for a slalom training session, SJ was feeling sick so I got to try out her brand new Double Dutch Slalom boat, was awesome to be back in a slalom boat and feel the speed and satisfaction of carving some sweet turns. Also felt the burn of training with Ken. (Just 5 more..... 10 later!)

Our next day of kayaking was re-positioned to the lake front, which gave the kids more of a chance to play around in their boats and learn strokes etc.

After that SJ & myself headed back in town for a feed of the legendary FERGBURGER, picked up a hitchhiker in Glenorchy or was one of the stinkiest people you could ever have the experience of smelling. We shoved him in the back of the van :D

A quick stay at my parents & i was back on the road to Christchurch. (6 hours of boring driving). Next mission.. back to murchison with Megs & Kim for the weekend.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Buller Festival 2007

Around the first weekend of march each year the infamous Buller Festival is held in Murchison. Around 3 1/2 hours drive from Christchurch I made my 1st ever pilgrimage to the event. This years event held on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th of March was ripper.
I just made it in time to enter the Extreme Race on the Lower Matakitaki Section. First up was a time trial to create seedings for the head 2 head races. I came through in the middle of the pack and was paired off with 3 others who had similar times to me. The winner of the time trail gets paired off with the slowest etc.

1st head to head race I got out of the blocks quick, after a few paddle blows & some pushing/shoving! I was well clear at the finish and touched the Teva Banner stoked. Next round I moved up and was racing against Sam Sutton from Rotorua (little ripper) a big charging swede and someone else. Some slow strokes straight out saw me playing catch up to Sam & the swede. Didn't quite make it and that was my extreme race over.

The finals saw a completey different line up to 2006 with some fresh faces making an impact in the race. Men's final was Sam Sutton, Zak Shaw, Josh Neilson & Nate?

Zak blew the field away a clear winner leaving the other boys to scrap it out for 2nd/3rd. Josh snuck in with 2nd & Nate took 3rd.

In the womens Nikki Kelly robbed Jess Brown at the final banner to claim yet another extreme race title for CV.

Saturday was a day of intense heat for the kayak slalom & rafter cross. A huge turnout and some fast times saw everyone amping for Saturday nights "rock the buller" party. Live music and general kayak riff raff kept the night going until the early hours.

Sunday morning was time for the big air, a slow moving herd of kayakers found their way to the Ramp site and proceeded to hurl themselves off the ramp in a range of gyrations & aerial donkey flips.

Zak Shaw on his way to winning the final - Photo Antz Longman

Josh vs Nate for 2nd place - Photo Antz Longman

A quality write up on the event will be available in the next issue of CUMEC Magazine due out middle of April.

Results as I can remember were.

Extreme Race


1st - Zak Shaw
2nd - Josh Neilson
34d - Nate


1st- Nikki Kelly
2nd - Jess Brown
3rd - Polly



1st - Lucien Holgate
2nd -
3rd - Zak Shaw


1st - Louise Jull
2nd - Linda Wensly
3rd - ?

Big Air


1st - Nick Smith (with a leg in cast!)
2nd - Sam Sutton
3rd - Justin

Womens -

1st -
2nd - Louise Urwin
3rd -

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Christchurch to Queenstown & Back

Last Friday a felt a need to escape the city. I arranged an extended weekend and organised a little trip south.

1st stop was the Tekapo Release on Saturday, I'd heard through the grapevine that a few of the good old Dunedin crew were coming up. So after packing the car I drove the 3 hours south to Lake Tekapo.

High temperatures meant that the normally icy cold water was a welcome relief from driving in a car that's window doesn't wind down. A solid 5 hours of playboating in the top hole wore me down & I decided to head to Timaru for a cold beer.

Craig Adams trying to suss out an entry move.... Photo: Antz Longman

Howie - Photo Antz Longman

Craig again - Photo Antz Longman

After a night in Timaru, Shanan & I headed out to Jack's Point for a midday surf, clean small waves dished out some nice flip turns from Shanan, a few blunts n donkey flips for me. Also one huge backwards bounce to something by me...

Then I was back on the road to Queenstown to check out my parents new lifestyle as moteliers... Abba Garden Motel in Gorge Road if your looking for somewhere to stay in Queenstown! They are keeping busy and really have their hands full with cleaning, reception work, maintenance etc.

A couple days in Queenstown using Dad's computer to edit some footage for the Bliss-Stick Video Competition & I was on my way back. A stop at the traditional Tuesday Meg Night on the Kawarau was awesome. The Roaring Meg hole was working, although not at it's best but good fun for a few ends & loops. I then made the late night drive back to Timaru. Wednesday was spent relaxing in the sun and catching up with Gareth (check out the blacklight blog) for his view on Aoraki's 3rd year thus far... Also caught up with Logie as he supervised the 1st 1st year kayak intensive, supervising from his van. now that's the ultimate in laziness.

Then dinner with my brother at a Thai restaurant to semi celebrate his birthday and back to Christchurch.

The next issue of Cumec is coming along pretty nicely with articles & photos coming in from all directions. Advertising is starting to trickle in as well..