Tuesday, April 24, 2007

River Festival & Slalom Photos

Here's a collection of photos from photochick.co.nz she keeps popping up at kayak events throughout the south island. Some quality shots which are all available free online via her website.

A few of her shots from Bullerfest 2007 made it into issue 2 of CUMEC magazine too.

Aaron Osborne from Rotorua, currently ranked #1 in the NZL slalom team.

Me, mid extreme race on the Citreon Rapid.

Me leading the peleton... well actually there was about 8 people infront.

Ngaio Hart

Stu Daniels playing during the mass start race.

Dylan Thomson in the head 2 head extreme race.

James Dawson on his way to winning the national C1 title.

Barney Young gets amongst like it a true west coaster.

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