Thursday, February 22, 2007

Christchurch to Queenstown & Back

Last Friday a felt a need to escape the city. I arranged an extended weekend and organised a little trip south.

1st stop was the Tekapo Release on Saturday, I'd heard through the grapevine that a few of the good old Dunedin crew were coming up. So after packing the car I drove the 3 hours south to Lake Tekapo.

High temperatures meant that the normally icy cold water was a welcome relief from driving in a car that's window doesn't wind down. A solid 5 hours of playboating in the top hole wore me down & I decided to head to Timaru for a cold beer.

Craig Adams trying to suss out an entry move.... Photo: Antz Longman

Howie - Photo Antz Longman

Craig again - Photo Antz Longman

After a night in Timaru, Shanan & I headed out to Jack's Point for a midday surf, clean small waves dished out some nice flip turns from Shanan, a few blunts n donkey flips for me. Also one huge backwards bounce to something by me...

Then I was back on the road to Queenstown to check out my parents new lifestyle as moteliers... Abba Garden Motel in Gorge Road if your looking for somewhere to stay in Queenstown! They are keeping busy and really have their hands full with cleaning, reception work, maintenance etc.

A couple days in Queenstown using Dad's computer to edit some footage for the Bliss-Stick Video Competition & I was on my way back. A stop at the traditional Tuesday Meg Night on the Kawarau was awesome. The Roaring Meg hole was working, although not at it's best but good fun for a few ends & loops. I then made the late night drive back to Timaru. Wednesday was spent relaxing in the sun and catching up with Gareth (check out the blacklight blog) for his view on Aoraki's 3rd year thus far... Also caught up with Logie as he supervised the 1st 1st year kayak intensive, supervising from his van. now that's the ultimate in laziness.

Then dinner with my brother at a Thai restaurant to semi celebrate his birthday and back to Christchurch.

The next issue of Cumec is coming along pretty nicely with articles & photos coming in from all directions. Advertising is starting to trickle in as well..


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Surfing New Brighton

Wicked, had a little escape yesterday and went for a midday surf at New Brighton. Lindsay Froggart came along and snapped some sweet pictures from the pier.
All photos copyright Lindsay Froggart (All paddlers me! haha)

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Local Bouldering Scene.

After moving to a new neighbourhood it's natural to explore your new surroundings. First of all the local shopping centre. Ours consists of the local Pub "The Vancouver Inn" with free pool on Wednesday's, although we haven't been over for an evening yet. Next to the inn is Frank's Fish & Chips an establishment of fine repute (according to a guy I met at my brothers party in Timaru a week ago.) Then there is a hairdressers and a token cultural dairy.

We started exploring further afield and found Christchurch's Recycled Items SuperShed. So the lounge has now been adorned with 5 free arm chairs, and stereo cabinet, dining room table & chairs (plus other random items).

It was now time to test the recreational facilities, a couple of sports fields adjacent to Christchurch's Sewerage Facility. Makes for a stinky morning run. A short drive/bike & your at New Brighton Beach for a surf or swim.

Then back to the point of this article, we discovered a local gem. A sculptured outdoor climbing wall in Wainoni Park. The locals had even been kind enough to leave us various contact numbers for "a good time" as well advising us of there names "KO" and "AK". Looking forward to meeting the local boulderers and working some problems...

The girls in blue (Megs, Kim & Laura) with Lindsay in corner. Wainoni Bouldering Photo Antz Longman

Kim wonders where to go next, Wainoni Bouldering. Photo Antz Longman

Girls not interested in Lindsay's show of force, Wainoni Bouldering Photo Antz Longman

Megan defies the laws of nature & engages the rubber arm, Wainoni Bouldering
Photo Antz Longman

Lindsay climbs the mini arete, Wainoni Bouldering Photo Antz Longman