Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The magazine has started it's advancement into the cyber realms. Although there is still no content it is a step forward!
So check into for progress on the site.

In other news the good fellows over at Feed The Rat in Melbourne have been dealing with insomnia and have updated their website. Plenty of good stories to read about including my mission to Costa Rica, Panama & California at the start of the year. Make sure to swing by their Rat Gear section and check out the clothing range for sale.

I have also started some part-time work for Kayak Unlimited in New Brighton, just to keep myself even busier! Hopefully get out on a decent paddling mission sometime in the not to distant future....

Happy Days...


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Back to work?

The summer holiday finally wound it's way to an end. Now find myself in Christchurch setting up a new house, searching for a job & trying to get the magazine off the ground.

We finally got phone & internet installed yesterday after a weeks delay so we now have regained contact with the outside world....

A few more shots from the north island & travelling around the west coast.

Aratiatia Rapids, Photo Antz Longman

Finished another good run, Earthquake take-out on the buller. Photo Antz Longman

Charleston sunset. Photo Antz Longman

Castle Hill Rock formations. Photo Antz Longman

Looping at Kaituna Playhole, Photo Megan Foster