Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Whoops - I missed out May!

May : The month that comes between April & June, it appears that the whole month dropped off my rader & that I didn't do anything interesting at all. Well that's probably true, I'm sure that no one really cares what I've been doing! It is just a simple way of making myself feel good about myself... possibly an outward expression of my thoughts & 'doings' that makes everything in some strange way seem worthwhile.

So on that note I am happy to say the May was not a wash-out, I actually think that it may have been one of my busier months this year:

- A trip to Dunedin
- Lots of climbing (beginning to get the inspiration to climb back, possibly due to poor surf conditions & low rivers....)
- Back into instruction....
- A fresh new qual - Wilderness Pre Hospital First Aid.
- The magazine has been sent all over the place, and subscriptions are coming in from all over the place.
- I paddled the Rangitata Gorge again, it'd been a few years...
- I finished working at Kayak Unlimited and starting looking for winter work... although the looking has been delayed several times by instruction & first aid courses.
- We had a pirate party, we all dressed up like pirates & had a great shin-dig. With famous appearances from Danger Dan, Wild Weasel & Mongrel Mark from ye old port of Timaru.
- Some night climbing at Albert Terrace (darkness makes it a little harder & a lot more amusing.

Anyway I'll have a few posts online soon. As I try and catch up on what has been going on.


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