Tuesday, May 09, 2006

down panama way...

Since Friday i´ve been all over the show.
Again there were no rafting trips to the Pacuare, so i decided to leave Turrialba. I caught a few buses and ended up in Ciudad Neilly at the Southern end of Costa Rica. After a short sleep, i took up bumpy & scenic bus ride through palm & banana tree plantations to Pavones.
Pavones is a surfing town on the southwest tip of Costa Rica, basically on the border of Panama. Here is where the world´s 2nd longest left hand break can be found. Unfortunately for me it was one of the magical days where surfers have reputedly had 5-10 minute rides. I had to make do with 4-5ft waves that were clean and fast. My kayak handled the surf well, and got a few long rides, as well as some good airtime. The night was spent at some cabinas which a owned by a New Zealand surfer from the Mount. She wasn´t there though in Bali or somewhere tropical like that.

Sunday saw me heading back inland and down to the border. Through some random formalities, my first ever land border crossing in fact. I was in Panama, still am in fact, still right beside the border 24 hours later.
I met up with American paddler Stacy Heer & we tried to organise transport to the local river Rio Chiriqui Viejo. Lots of people tried to be helpful... but we ended up not knowing the time that bus actually arrived. So we opted to hire a van to the put-in.
All was well, the run was beautiful scenery with birds and butterflies filling the air. Occasionally coming upon local fisherman with bamboo poles. The run was grade 3-4 and had some very nice rapids. With more water it would definetly push up into the grade 5 realms and be a stunning outing. Nevertheless im content. Except for a bruised thumb from a not so friendly incounter with a rock. Hopefully it heals quickly.

Plans are still unknown for the next few days, will wait and see what we come upon.


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