Sunday, May 28, 2006

Help Appreciated

Been thinking that I should mention the people that have helped me along during this trip.

Rainforest World - Rafting company based out of Turrialba, Costa Rica. Run by American Phil Coleman. I have been on trips with the company and Phil supplied me with a kayak to use during my time here. Also Manfred one of the workers make fiberglass Kayak/Raft Helmets, so I have a new noggin protector. Check out

H20 Adventures - Rafting company in Quepos, Costa Rica. Again another company that let me tag-along on a river trip. Check out

Mundo Aventura - Outdoor Store and Climbing Wall, San Jose - good source of contacts nationwide, lots of gear and of course a good place to play on the plastic rock. Checkout

Feed The Rat - Australian Outdoor Company, a philosophy that makes what I do all seem logical and within reason. I have to paddle, climb etc or the Rat will consume me from within. These guys have set me up with a few pieces of clothing, stickers and a mission to share the Ratness. Check out

Not to forget about the other people that have helped me along the way:
My parents, my brothers, Megan Foster, Abby Fuller & Sarah Malachowsky, My Tico family Rodriguez Arguedas and everyone else who is crossed my path in Costa Rica & Los Angeles.

Thanks everyone!


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