Thursday, May 18, 2006

I´m still here

As I get further into my trip the time seems to be going faster, although i´m not sure if thats because im doing more. Or because I´m coming back sooner rather than later.

Last Thursday I changed my flights from Costa Rica, I now leave on the 31st of May. Then hopefully heading to Northern California for a couple of weeks boating around the Coloma Area. This change was brought on by overspending here and general lack of paddling (partially due to low water levels).

After sorting out my flight changes I felt like kayaking, so I headed to the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area on Costa Rica´s Pacific coast. Here I hooked up with Aventuras H20 and finally managed to get on another river.
This time it was the Rio Naranjo, a 3 hour section from the town of Narajanito to the pacific coast highway. A few nice rapids with lots of waves and holes all over the place. Had a bit of fun when the raft flipped sending 3 larger americans into the river, CARNAGE, great fun as i directed them to the side of the river. They seemed to be in a mild state of panic! All was well though and everyone was reunited in their little raft.
The river was really beautiful rainforest scenery with plenty of birdlife along the shores. Overall the river was graded 3-4 but once again nothing really difficult, one rapid would be awesome with more water, unfourtunately not to be at the moment.
So I stayed in the Quepos area for 3 nights, checked out the beaches and wildlife, got some nice photos and returned to Atenas.
Am having difficulty transferring my photos at the moment, the windows operating system is too old to recognize my camera. Hopefully will find a suitable system soon.

Having a couple days relaxing in Atenas now, catching up on friends from my old school. Will head back to Turriabla on Sunday, probably down there for the week.


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