Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NZ Kayak Buyers Guide


So I'm now in Rotorua, I've taken over from Natalie Meek as the editor of the NZ Kayak Buyers Guide.
We're working on getting advertising things out this afternoon & then everythings go!
I'm up here till thursday, which means a daily paddle down the beautiful Kaituna River and spot of playing in Bottom hole.

Yesterday was awesome went for a solo mission in a Jackson Kayaks All-Star, awesome boat & loved the bottom holes, cartwheels & split wheels. Even managed some unintentional back loops & tricky-whu type moves.

Very busy, will be back in Dunedin briefly before heading off creeking for the weekend. Will be working all next week then Bliss-Fest (not long to go now!).



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