Monday, July 17, 2006


Dunedin, little chilly but still a wicked place to hang out. Am going to be here for until at least december now...
Wanted to avoid full-time work so have enrolled in some NZ Diploma in Business Papers to keep the qual's coming and still allow time to pursue my other interests... Those of course being paddling, climbing and anything else that sounds fun.

Queenstown was proving to be too cold, and then a quick stop in Timaru to catch up with the masses who've been having a ball through June massive snowdumps. Then back to dunedin where some nice waves having been rolling through St Clair.

Today's my 21st birthday so think it'll be approriate to head out for a boulder or surf pretty soon. Parties in two week time so if you've been fortunate enough for me to record your email address or cell number you've probably got an invite.

Looking forward to some good weekend missions throughout winter/spring before the summer 06/07 road trip north... as long as funds are around.
Heaps a few more pic's from my time in Coloma.

Who else but me, running something on the Kyburz Section of the Sth Fork American

and more of Kyburz, Sth Fork of the American.

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